On this spring day in 1979, I pull up to a red light and looked to my left. A familiar face is sitting shotgun in a pretty blue 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix. I lowered my window and motioned Bryan to lower his window. After he did, I looked at the driver and said, “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a woman.” She blushed and smiled and Bryan frowned and raised his window.

A few weeks go by and on a Friday night back in “My Days in the Desert” I hit the town, shut her down and crashed around 2:30 am only to arise at 6:00 am feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed ( I was 24yrs old). I back my 1978 (75th Anniversary) Harley Davidson Low Rider out of my living room, roll up a pair of cutoffs in a blanket, strap it down and head to the beach. Starving, I pull into Bergeron’s on IH10 and eat a killer breakfast. Ham and cheese omelet, side of bacon and sausage, grits, lots of butter and toast. This by the way, is my favorite breakfast. Then I proceed to Crystal Beach. I pull into Swedes get me a bottle of TJ Swann Mellow Days and hit the beach. It is very early in the morning, I find me a beer can to park beside on the beach. This is important to put the kickstand on or it would sink into the sand. Roll out my blanket put my cutoffs on drink me a bottle of wine and crash.

When I wake up, People are everywhere. Two pretty girls, Theresa and Mary are right beside me and tell me they have been watching my bike for me because a lot of people have been looking at it. I thanked them stood up and stretched then all of a sudden Stanley pulls up in a baby blue Ford 4×4 pickup with my Babydoll’s sister sitting by him and my Babydoll sitting shotgun. He put her right in my face. I smiled and said, “I saw you at a red light the other day.”

We started dating all summer long and into the fall. Usually once during the week and once on the weekend, all was well until she started dating this guy from Beaumont. I did not say anything about that. I just let it go and it continued about 3 or 4 times. I had enough of that, so I called Lindy.

Lindy, was a beautiful friend inside and out. She has since passed on after her battle with cancer. I called her and explained my dilemma and asked her for help. She replied, “sounds like fun!” A week or so later I just happen to find out that my Babydoll was going out to a place called The Palace. Lindy and I go in find us a little place in the corner. We dance a few slow songs and she is on me like glue. Later on while in the corner I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn and it is my Babydoll and she plants a kiss on me and walks away. I looked back at Lindy and said, “I think it is working!”

At 7:30 the next morning my Babydoll bust off into my bedroom and wakes me up. She says we are not dating any other people. I said, “yes we are! I only got to date Lindy one time, you went out with Bozo several times, it’s only fair.” So we went back and forth for a while and I finally let her win.

On May 29th 1980 we were married. This summer we celebrate 37 years. I see a beach in our future.