The Substance, of things hoped for. The Evidence of things not seen.

I know that I know that I know… Now, with that being said if you don’t know… then.. you just don’t know.

In the rearview

I was blessed to be born into this world with parents that were Christians. I was at church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night as far back as I can remember while I was growing up. I specifically remember a Sunday school class when a big red heart with a door on it was placed on a black felt board with Jesus behind that door. My sweet teacher told us that Jesus would knock on the door and continue to knock but that I had to be the one to open it and let Him into my heart. I started asking questions to my parents about opening the door to my heart to let Jesus in but they thought that I was too young. After consulting with our pastor they decided to let him come over and talk with me. We sat outside in his car. He talked about the age of accountability. No really I do remember vividly. He said some would say the age was 12 or 13 years but he believed that it was when a person was fully aware of right and wrong. He said, when one tells a lie and knows that it is a lie and goes ahead and tells the lie then that person can be held accountable for the lie. Same with stealing, killing etc. He talked about how this was sin and how sin separates us from God and that if we were to die while being separated from God that the consequences of this separation would be a place called hell. He described hell as a place that God created for Satan and his followers. A lake of fire, eternal burning. The most miserable place ever in existence. He took me down the Roman Road of scriptures that backed up everything that he said to me.

If you are interested in studying the Roman Road.

I asked Jesus to come into my heart that day with my pastor in his car. I asked Him to be the Lord of my life. That was the single most important decision that I have ever made in my life.

Shortly thereafter I followed Jesus in baptism. I remember riding home from church that Sunday I tried to describe to my parents the feeling I had inside. A very special feeling that I had never experienced before. I told them that I felt all clean inside. That was the best way at six years old that I knew to describe this feeling. I have learned over the years that this clean feeling is the presence of our Lord. His peace His joy. There is no better feeling.

Over the days to come I will share some of my experiences in this life that will give Substance and Evidence that the Lord holds me in His hand. It is because His finger prints are all over me that I know that I know that I know.



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